About LindorelliLindorelli started in 2016 while pregnant with my first little babe. It’s a place for me to share all things Lindorelli. In other words, all things me! As an adult, we tend to lose ourselves a little in the process of living life and having responsibilites. This blog is my outlet to keep myself me, sharing the things I love with a little dose of my life experiences thrown in the mix.

It is my hope that by reading you will be inspired to be the best version of you! I hope you gather inspiration from my ideas and likes and maybe find a little encouragement in this crazy but wonderful journey we’re all on.

If you have questions about sponsored posts or giveaways, please email me for more information. I am happy to consider them if the products are consistent with those I frequently feature and if they fit within the content and feel of Lindorelli.

Please note I do use affiliate links where I can throughout my posts. This means that I do earn a small commission from products purchased directly through these links. This does not in any way affect or compromise the choices I make when curating products, but it is a way to help support my growing family while doing what I love and offset the costs of maintaining this blog.

Thank you so much for reading! I love hearing from my readers more than anything. You all are my inspiration and motivation!

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