Pregnancy Post: 20 Week Update

20 Week Pregnancy Belly Pic

Hello! This is actually my first pregnancy update as well as my very first post! Welcome to Lindorelli, a blog about fashion, food, life and becoming a first time Mom. My name is Lindy. I am a Northern Arizona girl, living in Phoenix after spending 12 years in Southern California. So, I like to say I’m an Arizona girl, but a So-Cal girl at heart (I miss California like crazy). I’m a wife, mom to an 80 pound Springer Spaniel named Bronson, and soon to be first time mom of Marlow Jay, our little girl due June 24th. I am 20 weeks pregnant! Halfway there! Pregnancy has been a whirl-wind of experiences, and I know that a million other women are going through all of the ups and downs and excitement just like I am. It hasn’t been an easy road, but we’re halfway there and can’t wait to meet Marlow when she’s finally ready to join us on the outside. I’ll get into details of the first 20 weeks a little later in the blog, but this is where we’re at for now!

18 Week Anatomy Scan Ultrasound

Baby’s Size: A Banana

Symptoms: Insanely dry skin! It is mostly affecting my face, and is a stubborn S.O.B. I can’t get rid of it no matter how hard I try, and I have tried HARD. I am sticking to all natural skin care while pregnant, so I have been using Josie Maran Argan Oil, Tinted Sunscreen and Milk on my face since my first trimester. I actually got a great sampler of her products from Sephora that allowed me to try them all before buying the full sizes. I do like them, and thought they would work based on incredible reviews, but this pregnancy skin just won’t budge. I slather her Argan Oil on multiple times throughout the day, but by the time I go to bed at night I’m still a big scaly mess. I’m considering adding some new products to relieve it, so stay tuned for my Pregnancy Skincare post.

Fitness: I was told at my 18 week Anatomy Scan Ultrasound that I have a low placenta. They told me to just take it easy without any running or jumping. Before finding that out I was doing Reformer Pilates twice a week, Pure Barre once a week, then walking whenever possible. I basically only dropped the Pure Barre class and still do the others, but take it much easier than I was before. No more back exercises either! I am a trained Pilates Instructor, so while the rest of the class is doing work on their back, I typically do plank work or side lying leg-work.

Sleep: I purchased the Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow during my first trimester to help train myself to sleep on my side. I’m typically a stomach sleeper, and have discovered that side-sleeping is absolutely horrible. Especially left side sleeping. I’ve gotten into a pretty good routine of starting on my left, switching to my right once in the middle of the night (because it is more comfortable), then switching back to my left. I go through good stages and bad ones. I discovered that if I wrap the Bump Nest behind me and keep it tightly against my back, I can kind of lean back on it to relieve pressure on my hips and shoulders. Seems to work, but obvisouly not always… My Doctor basically said to get used to it because once Marlow is born I will never sleep again! So Sleep, you’ve been wonderful, and I’ll miss you dearly. I look forward to seeing you again.. never…

Cravings: Tropical Trail Mix and anything that contains sugar. You’re supposed to crave sugar when you’re having a girl right? Or is that not an excuse?

Happenings: We registered for our Baby Shower, which was exciting and exhausting! Most of those that are coming to the shower are from out of town, so the invites are going out pretty early to allow travel planning for those that are coming. Did I mention it was exhausting and overwhelming? But, more on that later.

Our pregnancy announcement! Most of our family and friends have known we were pregnant since about 8 weeks, and we have known we are having a girl since my 10 week Triple Screen Test, but we hadn’t really announced it to the world. So, finally at 20 weeks on the dot we posted this along with her name and when she’s due!

It's a Girl Pregnancy Announcement

Looking Forward To: We are planning some quick weekend trips to California and Tucson before I won’t be able to travel anymore. I’m really looking forward to doing as much as possible with Matt over the next few months while it’s still just the two of us! Also, we are finally getting the nursery painted this week, so I’m excited to get to work on the finished product!

Baby-Related Purchases: It’s hard to pass up a good sale. Am I right? And, all of the goodies for next winter are currently on sale! I have actually been stocking up on a lot of clothes and accessories for next winter when she’s a bit older. I also found an adorable Aden and Anais sleeveless onesie that I thought would be perfect for the hot Phoenix Summer. Here’s what I purchased this week:

So, this is Marlow and I! Welcome to Lindorelli, and stay tuned!

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